Michele Mancini

Welcome to my webpage!
I am Michele Mancini, Deputy Head of the Emerging Markets and World Trade Division at the Bank of Italy.

Michele Mancini economist

My research interests are international trade and global value chains. 

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Contact me: michele.mancini (at) bancaditalia.it

NEW research

  • Inputs in Geopolitical Distress: a risk assessment based on micro data, 2023, Occasional Papers, no. 819, Bank of Italy. with Borin, Cariola, Gentili, Linarello, Padellini, Panon, Sette [link] [VoxEU]
  • Navigating Fragmentation Risks: China Exposure and Supply Chains Reorganization among Italian Firms, 2023, with M. Bottone, T. Padellini [Policy note]
  • The EU’s Open Strategic Autonomy from a central banking perspective, 2023, IRC Workstream on Open Strategic Autonomy, ECB Occasional Paper Series, No. 311. [link]
  • The impact of EU sanctions on Russian imports, 2023, with A. Borin, G. Cappadona, F. P. Conteduca, B. Hilgenstock, O. Itskhoki, M. Mironov, E. Ribakova [VoxEU column]
  • Economic Consequences of Trade and Global Value Chain Integration : A Measurement Perspective, with A. Borin and D. Taglioni, 2021, World Bank Policy Research WP, 9785. [VoxEU column] [link] [slides], Resubmitted.
  • Trade and Economic Activity: Non-Linear Modelling and Forecasting, with A. Borin and A. Gazzani, 2021, [link], Resubmitted.

DATA and tools

  • Positioning in Global Value Chains: World Map and Indicators.
    A comprehensive database of up-to-date positioning measures in GVC.
    Check it out here. Based on Mancini et al., 2024, World Bank Economic Review, forthcoming.


  1. Positioning in Global Value Chains: World Map and Indicators. A new dataset available for GVC analyses [data]
    World Bank Economic Review, 2024, with P. Montalbano, S. Nenci, D. Vurchio.
  2. The real-time impact of the war on Russian imports: a synthetic control method approach. [WP]
    World Trade Review, 2023, with A. Borin, F. P. Conteduca.
  3. Sub-Saharan Africa’s Participation in Global Value Chains: 1995-2021.
    The World Economy, 2023. with A. Mattoo, D. Taglioni, D. Winkler.
  4. Trade Decoupling from Russia.
    International Economics, 2023, vol. 175. with A. Borin, F. P. Conteduca, E. Di Stefano, V. Gunnella, L. Panon [WP]
  5. Measuring what matters in value-added trade.
    Economic Systems Research, 2023. with A. Borin [WP]
  6. Reshoring and plant closures in Covid-19 times: Evidence from Italian MNEs.
    International Economics, 2022, vol. 172. with E. Di Stefano, G. Giovannetti, E. Marvasi and G. Vannelli.
  7. icio –   Economic Analysis with Inter-Country Input-Output tables.
    Stata Journal, 2021, 21(3). with F. Belotti and A. Borin. [slides]
  8. EU transfers and Euroscepticism: can’t buy me love?
    Economic Policy, 2021, vol. 36, with A. Borin and E. Macchi.
  9. FDI and firm performance: an empirical analysis on Italian firms
    Review of World Economics, 2016, 152(4), with A. Borin.

Michele Mancini economist global value chains international trade

Michele Mancini economist global value chains international trade icio